Full Moon Parasite Directions

Full moon protocol

Standard protocol- Para 1, Para 2, Biotoxin binder

Step 1 – Choose The Length of Your Protocol

You can do it for 3,5, or 7 days. Those who are more experienced may choose to do a full 15 day

protocol. But begin with a shorter protocol if you are sensitive or very sick.

The goal is to work up to doing a full 15 day protocol.

Step 2- Begin at The Right Time

For the 3 day protocol: start one day before the next full moon and end a day after

For the 5 day protocol: start two days before the next full moon and end two days after

For the 7 day protocol: start three days before the next full moon and three days after

For the 15 day protocol: start seven days before the next full moon and seven days after

Step 3- Dosages for The Protocol, to be taken 1hr before eating or 2hrs after

Para 1: Take 8 capsules daily- 3 in the AM, 2 in the afternoon and then 3 in the evening.

Para 2: Take 8 capsules daily- 3 in the AM, 2 in the afternoon and then 3 in the evening.

BioToxin Binder: Take 6 capsules daily- 2 in the AM, 2 in the afternoon and then 2 in the evening.


Do I HAVE to take it during the full moon?

No. It is still effective any time. However, with the energies from the Full and New moon the parasites are

more active at that time.

Do I take all the products at once?

YES. They are designed to be used together, so you would take Para 1, Para 2, and Biotoxin binder all at

the same time each day for the length of your protocol.

The bottle says 2 a day, these are different from what you’re saying…

YES. These are the dosages Dr. Dean uses in practice and has found most effective. It is not medication,

they are ALL natural products so you do not have to worry about overdosing.

What do I eat?

Drink plenty of water as well as copious amounts of Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt - salt adds

minerals and helps flush the system a pinch or two in your water throughout the day is usually


Add electrolytes if necessary

Work to keep your daily carbs below 50grams/day and under 30 grams/day if you can. Parasites

love sugar, don’t feed them!

Is it safe to do the protocol while breastfeeding or pregnant?

It is not advised to do while breastfeeding or pregnant, You can however do the kid’s version.

Should I continue my regular vitamins/prescriptions while taking the Full Moon Protocol?

Always consult with your doctor before you make any changes in medications or supplements.

Then make sure to keep all of our products 2hrs away from prescription medication to ensure no

interactions occur between our products and the prescription. For other supplements keep Para

1 and Para 2 an hour away, the rest of our supplements are safe to tia with other supplements.

How old should someone be to do the adult protocol?If they are able to swallow capsules then they can take the regular adult protocol

What does the BioToxin Binder do?

Binds up toxins so tour body can then flush them out

How can we get parasites?

You can inhale them

You can get them through your eyes and ears. If there is an opening in that system then they can

get through that hole.

You can eat them (ex: sushi, more rare steaks, or undercooked meats)

They can transfer from your pets

They can also enter through your skin

Why is there a Lead warning on the labels?

For legal reasons, just like any product it has to be covered JUST IN CASE. Although not regulated by

FDA supplement companies still have to abide by the standards.

How do I know when I’m free of parasites?

Sorry, parasites are something you are constantly re-introduced to. Some parasites can lay upwards of

20k parasite eggs a day.

It is important to do a few months as an initial clean-up, then from there for maintenance do a protocol a

couple times a year.

What kind of parasite is this?

There is thousands of different kinds.

I’m not seeing any, does that mean I am clean of parasites?

NO, you still have some. Everyone has parasites. Only 1/3rd of parasites can be seen by the human eye.

So just because you don’t SEE them doesn’t mean you are not passing them.

Where do I go to refill/order more of the Full Moon Protocol?

• BraveTV.store

Who and Where do I contact with questions about my order, processing or shipping?

• BraveTV.com/help



You will receive a tracking number in the email attached to your order from Renee Wells with

Endica Shipping.

Add-On Products

Para 3

Para 3 can be taken WITH or WITHOUT the standard protocol however it is NOT a substitute for the


What does para 3 do?

Para 3 not only helps with some tougher, smaller parasites it helps to build immune systems.

How do I take Para 3?

Start with 1 dropper/day and go up each week by 1 dropper until 4/day.

Can also be used topically.Para 4

Similar to para 3, para 4 also helps with different kinds of parasites that might not be covered in 1,2, and

3. Especially ones that work their way into the skin and deep into muscle tissues.

How do I take Para 4?

Start with 4/day, it can be taken the same time as the protocol so 1hr. before eating or 2hrs after.

Bowel mover

How do I take Bowel Mover?

Start with 3/day and then go up from there until your consistent.


IFC is inflammation control. It is to help with the body’s inflammation- pain areas, arthritis, parasites

cause inflammation

How can I take IFC?

5 capsules/day, split them up throughout the day